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Located in Auburn, California where creator Ciera A. Lagges doodles, makes custom t-shirts, and camps any chance she can get.

Welcome to like [shew] and the lifestyle of Ciera A. Lagges. It’s no news that your wardrobe says a lot about you and how you view yourself. It's not about dressing one specific way though, it's about considering your audience and using that to your advantage. What you wear can give off an impression of your type of employment, as well as your ambitions and emotions.

But let's back up, like [shew] is more than a clothing company. It's a blog, a style, a community, a learning experience, an overall adventure. It's about the advantages we have today to appreciate the past. There is a lot of beauty in history, whether its reading about it or experiencing it. 

I have always had the itch to travel and see world. I inherited the love of traveling from her always traveling parents. I experienced it very quick at the age of 8 going to Hawaii, 10 to Mexico, 11 to Canada, 16 to Italy, 17, to Paris, and 19 to Australia. Having done most of the urban traveling she is ready for the great outdoors.


Growing up camping was our vacation of choice, affordable and more rewarding that most vacations. I remember going to Disneyland but I don't remember Disneyland. I remember going to Yosemite and making a rope swing over a massive puddle, or making a miniature fire because I love all things small. It's funny what people remember, I've always had trouble with memory so documenting has become second nature. And now I want to share my art, creativity, explorations, and adventures with you.

Let's skip forward, today, like [shew] is enhancing the progressive state we find ourselves in today. Like [shew] has a vision, and that vision is to change the way people see clothing. No more is it important to dress like you gender role. It's time to dress how we want to feel and be seen. Assumption can be thrown away here at like [shew]. It's about using your body as a canvas, not something to cover up. Bodies are different and like [shew] completely understands that. Welcome to human wear. For people like [you].

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Visual stories, my attempt at clever banter, and other noteworthy events in my life.

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Boca Campground near Truckee, CA 

Boca Campground near Truckee, CA 

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